Autumn nails: the colours, ideas & trends you need to know about

Fall nails autumn is here. Crisp leaves, spicy coffee and matching nails. We’ve rounded up the season’s most autumnal nail colors, ideas and trends. Now that the nights are moving in and the temperatures are dropping, there’s no better time to spend a cozy evening and perfect your seasonal manicure.

easy autumn nail trends you can recreate

70s Swirls


This fall, we’re loving 70s-inspired swirls, and we’re loving them even more with a splash of color. Mix and match bright, bold colors with fall tones if you want to embrace the retro look. The great thing about these swirls is that they don’t have to be uniform. Use a fine brush to achieve this look, then let your freehand art flow. Start with the outline of the swirl, then fill in the shape.

Festive stars


We firmly believe it’s never too early for festive nails. Spice up your classic French manicure or opt for a nude base and let the stars do the talking. There are many ways to do nail art with stars. Draw them on with a small brush and silver or gold nail polish. Or buy festive stickers. Stickers can be a great way to create clever nail art.

Sparkly french mani

The French manicure is a year-round classic, but when fall arrives and the holidays are on the horizon, it’s time to give it a makeover. Use a silver or shiny polish to enhance this look. The trick to French tips is not to try to draw them with the brush that comes with the nail polish. Always draw them with a thin brush, following the natural free edge of your nails as a guide.

Top 3 nail colour trends for this autumn

Deep Burgundy

It wouldn’t be a guide to fall nail trends without mentioning fall shades. If there’s one nail color of the season, it’s burgundy. Whether it’s a color block or French tips, there’s a shade of burgundy for every style. A matte top coat is a unique way to marry this trend for 2021.

Burnt Orange

This year, burnt orange is the color to remember, we see it everywhere. The memory of Halloween pumpkins inspires this trend. We love this version of the French manicure. Start by creating the French tip with the orange color of your choice. Then, using a thin brush and some white nail polish, follow the line where the free edge ends. The more you practice with the thin brush, the smoother your lines will be.

Classic Red

Red nails will never go out of style. This fall, we’re loving the bright colors. A classic red is a nod to the upcoming festive season without the Christmas decorations. Finish your manicure with a glossy top coat.

More ideas for your nails:

Reverse Manicure

This season we’re seeing a lot of variations on the French manicure. Try following the outline of the crescent moon above the cuticle with the polish of your choice. Fill in the rest of the nail, leaving the crescent exposed. You can also reverse the classic French tip vertically, following the line of the nail bed with the color of your choice instead of the free edge.

Glitter Gradient

Inspired by frosty mornings? Glitter can be so much fun this time of year. We always think less is more. If you don’t like glitter all over your nail, try an ombre effect. Start at the top of the nail and work your way down to the cuticle. This will create a natural blending of the glitter. You can also use a sponge to create this effect. Add the polish directly to the sponge and start dabbing it onto the nail. Increase the coverage at the edge of the nail by blending the glitter down, creating a gradient effect. This nail art is very simple and looks magical under the twinkling lights.

Geometric lines

Try something different this season with quirky styles and shapes. If you’re new to this trend, use neutral colors. Start with a nude base. Once dry, place a piece of tape vertically about ¾ of the way up the nail. Make sure the tape is stuck on tightly. With the nail polish color of your choice, paint the remaining quarter of the nail that is not covered by the tape. It is essential to let the polish dry at this point. Start to slowly peel off the tape, repairing any imperfections that may have occurred.

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