GOP Sen. Rand Paul defeats Democrat Charles Booker

 GOP Sen.  Rand Paul defeats Democrat Charles Booker

US Sen. Rand Paul sailed to re-election Tuesday night, crushing Democrat Charles Booker’s hopes that he’d pull off a massive upset and become not only the first Democratic senator elected in Kentucky since 1992 but also the commonwealth’s first Black senator.

Paul won a third six-year term in Congress, scoring a victory that the Associated Press called relatively early Tuesday evening as election results rolled in.

The libertarian-leaning senator ran on a staunchly conservative platform. He highlighted things like his longstanding skepticism of US spending on foreign aid and military intervention in foreign conflicts (including Russia’s war against Ukraine) and his opposition to public health rules like mask mandates that were in place for part of the ongoing pandemic in places like Kentucky. (Hey fundraised off his arguments with Dr Anthony Fauci, the US government’s top infectious diseases expert. It’s a safe bet he’ll fire off more criticisms of Fauci, who’ll retire soon, in the coming months.)

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Booker’s platform differed a lot from Paul’s and featured his support for progressive policies like Medicare for Allwhich would revamp American health care by instituting a single-payer system where a government-run health insurance program covers costs for people throughout the country.

Former Democratic state Rep.  Charles Booker, left, is looking to take the place of Republican Rand Paul in the US Senate.

In the first general election since Republican-appointed justices on the US Supreme Court eliminated a nearly 50-year-old, nationwide right to abortion, Booker called for the reinstatement of that right while Paul − who repeatedly has sponsored anti-abortion legislation − supported the Supreme Court’s ruling, which paved the way for abortion to get almost totally banned in Kentucky starting this summer.

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